2018 CDAV 16th State Seminar   

Something Old is New Again

4th to 6th May 2018

Location: The Angliss Conference Centre

William Angliss Institute 555 Latrobe St. Melbourne

Seminar group shoot


Oh boy...............what a wonderful weekend

Awesome, Wonderful, Fantastic Inspiring, Great ... oh these are the words can't describe the overwhelming talent and amazing demonstrations covered over the last couple of days....

Firstly we need to thank our wonderful International & Local Demonstrators

Alan Dunn - UK

Pilar Gonsalez - USA

Ximena Sempergui - USA

Kevin Martin - New Zealand

Denice Furhmann - Australia

Yolanda Sutandio - Australia

Without our demonstrators, this weekend couldn't have gone ahead and be full of inspiration and fun for everyone.  The amount of talent, knowledge, experience and trade secrets that were shared during the Seminar was overwhelming.

Thank you very much for investing your time in our seminar. We are extremely grateful.

To William Angliss Institute for the amazing state of art venue and for all it has to offer, for allowing the CDAV to host the Seminar at their state of the art venue.  Thank you very much.

To the staff and students of William Angliss Institute for giving up their weekends to help support the CDAV committee and patrons over the weekend.  With amazing smiles, fantastic hospitality, no task was too difficult for them.  Without their preparation behind the scenes and their help with assisting all patrons with navigating through the buildings, we would have been lost. 

Thank you soooo much ladies n gents, you were a blessing.

To William Angliss Restaurant staff and students.  Oh wow is all I can say.  You blew my mind away with your level of professionalism for the Friday night dinner.  

You performed a miracle.  Keeping your smiles big n bright, and served wonderful tasting meals.  All the students should be extremely proud.  We are forever grateful for your help.  Thank you

To the competition entrants. Congratulations to everyone.  Your efforts, late nights, and stressing has all paid off. You should hold your heads high.  All the pieces looked amazing.

To the CDAV Committee, Terry Kechayas, Julia Duncan, Natasha Testa, Marie Franklin, Carol Sparrow, Debbie Riley, Jan Longley, Pamela Archibald, Carmel Phillips, Barbara Imlach, Rhonda Meek and John Quai Hoi.  

Also thank you to Julie Harris.  Without your combined efforts, organisation and behind the scenes hard work, many late nights and running around during the days n nights, this seminar wouldn't be able to go ahead.

Thank you very much, all your efforts have been appreciated by everyone who attended this weekend.

Lastly, to our President, Mr John Quai Hoi.

Thank you, Words cannot express how grateful we all are for all you have invested in this seminar. The help of your students, the craziness of organising everything and ensuring that you provided a weekend of nothing but best  for all of us, the memories that we have, new friendships that have formed and the amount of respect and knowledge we have gained from our amazing demonstrators.  

We have you to thank.  Thank you very much.  All your stressful and sleepless nights definitely paid off.

You should hold your head high and be proud. to hear comments from patrons who attended say...

"it's one of the best seminars they have been to "....

"it's a fantastic seminar, everything has been great"...

I could for days .... these comments truly reflect the level of commitment and energy you have invested in this weekend. THANK YOU.

This was written by Natasha Testa and posted on the CDAV Facebook page


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