Presidents Address

To all our members.

I hope you are all well and surviving the cold weather?  I love it.

By the time you read this.  The 16th State Seminar would be a distant memory.  Thank you all for coming. Over 170 delegates.

Without You, there'd be no seminar.

A big thank you to our demonstrators Alan Dunn, Kevin Martin, Ximena Sempertegui, Pilar Gonzalez Nugent, Denice Furhmann and Yolanda Sutandio.  Thank you for sharing your skills with us all

To our committee.  Thank you for the behind the scenes work.  Especially Carmel Phillips and Julia Duncan.  This will be Julia's last edition as Editor and I sincerely thank her for helping me out when I needed an Editor.  Good luck and safe travels overseas with Trevor.

To Terry Kechayas and Natasha Testa for chauffeuring our demonstrators and carting bits and pieces to and from the college.

To Aaron Widyanto and Yolanda Sutandio for taking photos of the Seminar cake and some display pieces.

To the William Angliss Institute for providing us the venue.

The wonderful staff/colleagues and volunteer students.  I'm very proud of you all.

I really could go on and on but I finish with a very big thank you to all our branches who supplied the wattle sprigs.  For those of you who attended the seminar would have seen.  We used every single wattle sprigs from the demonstrators name plaques to the seminar cake and dinner table centrepieces.

Keep warm.  Those of you on the sick list a speedy recovery.


God bless from John Quai Hoi

CDAV President.


John Quai Hoi.


It is good to compare, but better to share.