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Cake Decorators Assoc. of Vic Inc.
Code of Conduct

As members of the CDAV (Cake Decorators Association of Victoria Inc. we must be aware of and adhere to the rules of the organization and our Code of Conduct to ensure our workplace is one where everyone feels comfortable and safe.


The CDAV and its members are required to adhere to the principles as follows:


  • Treat each other with fairness.

  • Treat each other with respect.

  • Act honestly, truthfully and ethically in all we do.

  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy

  • Be accountable for all actions towards and interactions with others.  

  • Abide by all State and Commonwealth legislation.



The following behaviour is unacceptable:  


  • Abusive or threatening speech directed toward any individual or class of individuals.

  • Speech that involves false or unsubstantiated claims that defame or tarnish the reputation of an organisation or individual.

  • Conduct that involves dishonesty, deceit, or misrepresentation.

  • Conduct that violates the previously noted principles.

  • Disclosure of personal information about members or colleagues (including images of them) through social media, email or other mediums, including to a third party without express permission of the individuals whose personal details have been disclosed. (refer Working at Best Practice-Fairwork Ombudsman – Workplace privacy)



Action following breach of Code of Conduct

All matters will be dealt with according to the Grievance Policy found in the Associations Reform Act 2012. A summary of the process is as follows:


  • Any complaints must be made in writing to the branch or state committee as soon as practicable, and the matter will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your correspondence addressing your concerns, within a week and endeavour to complete our investigation into your concerns promptly.  We may ask you to provide further information about your concerns.  We will then typically gather relevant facts, locate and review relevant documents and speak with individuals involved. 

  • In most cases, we will investigate and respond to any issues within 30 days of receipt of your written correspondence.  If the matter is more complex or our investigation may take longer, we will let you now.

  • If the breach involves a member to whom you are directly responsible eg: President, Secretary, Subcommittee Convenor etc. direct your concern to the state executive committee.

  • If your breach involves another member, direct your concern to your branch President, Secretary or Subcommittee Convenor who will then take appropriate action. 


In any instance of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour in any interaction, the person engaging in that behaviour (which is not in line with our principles), will be asked to discontinue the behaviour.


  • If the interaction is face to face, the person/people will be asked to leave.

  • If the interaction is not face to face, the person will be advised that they have used inappropriate behaviour which will not be tolerated and asked to stop.

  • A person may be given one warning to discontinue the behaviour before the matter is bought before the CDAV Executive Committee where disciplinary action may be imposed.  

  • Any behaviour that is unlawful will be immediately referred to the relevant authority.


Cake Decorators Association of Victoria Inc. may amend this Code of Conduct from time to time, with or without notice to you.We recommend that you visit our website ( regularly to keep up to date with any changes.


Version 2 – Updated 12th May 2023

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