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Cake Decorators Assoc. of Vic Inc.
Public Liability Insurance

 Insurance - Information for members


The CDAV have arranged a new policy for individual members who wish to take out Public Liability Insurance as members of the CDAV through Cerberos Brokers. 


Please ensure you read and understand all information relating to this insurance. 

Do I have to a member of the CDAV to access this insurance?

Yes you must be a current financial member of the CDAV to access this insurance. If you are not a member you can join the CDAV through the CDAV website at the cost of $60.00. 

Cover requirements:

The cover involves covering restricted activities for members as below:

-              Home based part time decorating business baking cakes and similar items

-              Registered Sole traders or partnerships only

-              Classes for other decorators at an average of up to 5 attendees from home only

-              Turnover less than $20,000 per year

-              Up to 12 fetes / markets per year

-              NO cooking classes involving use of ovens, gas burners or the like

-              NO teaching of minors (anyone under 18)

-              NO registered companies 

-              NO sales from shops or wholesaling to shops / cafes or restaurants

-              NO employees

-              NO hiring of halls or commercial premises to conduct classes


The cover is for $20M Public & Products Liability. 

Please ensure you read and understand your requirements and eligibility when deciding to take on this insurance as the CDAV is not responsible for checking this information on your behalf. Please read documents -  Fact Sheet and Policy Wording Sheet and Financial Services Guide.  You will need to ensure that your business complies with all statutory and regulatory obligations for food related businesses operating in your jurisdiction, to ensure you are covered in the event of a claim.  

How do I pay?


There are three ways to pay for this insurance.


  1. Payment by direct credit (preferred)


You can pay by direct credit from your bank account to the CDAV.  Your payment must include your surname, membership number and the word Insurance when you make the payment. When we receive payments made on behalf of members without these details, we have great difficulty in tracing who made the payment. You must also send an email to to confirm your payment.


The CDAV bank details are as follows: 



BSB 033 380

Account no. 159347


2.          You can pay through the CDAV website (preferred). Pay Now


3.          Payment by cheque


You can pay by cheque. Please send the cheque along with your details to CDAV, PO Box 260, Glen Iris VIC 3146. Please make your cheque payable to Cake Decorators Association of Victoria.


Why are direct credit and payment through the website preferred?


If you pay using these methods, then this insurance commences immediately. If you pay by cheque, you must allow 14 days for your cheque to be cleared. 



Do a I get an individual certificate of currency?


We will provide your details to the Insurance broker who will arrange for a certificate of currency to issued to you by email with a copy to us. You must ensure that your address or email details are up to date. You will also receive a fact sheet on your obligations with the certificate of currency.


Insurance period and cost.


In the future the insurance period will be from 1 April to 31 March each year and the cost will be approximately $60. The cost of the insurance is not pro rata and is payable regardless of when you take out the insurance. The $60 covers the cost of the insurance and a small administration fee.

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